APCM Minutes 2016

Vestry Meeting & APCM – Sunday 24th April 2015


Present: Rev Dave Gough (Chair), Linda Robinson (Minutes), Ash Lidster (Treasurer),

Ann Allen, Peter Anderson, David Benton, Sarah Cawthorne, Susan Chadburn, Janet Crouch, Jean Dowd, Doreen Flint, Cheryl Gavethan, Jean Gray, N Henshaw, David Hurst, Amy Keeley,

Jo Lidster, Syliva Ludlam, Paula McCartney, Amanda Markham, James Noble, Lynne Noble,

Jane O’Callaghan, Rosie Osborne, Tara Osborne, Irene Parkin, John Parkin, Nigel Prince,

Martin Ripley, Jean Robinson, Lizzie Rolls, Will Rolls, Catherine Rooker-Brown, Pat Roper, Susanna Schofield, Joyce Sharp, Sheila Shepherd, Gordon Shepherd, Paul Unsworth,

James Varns, Laura Varns, Ruth Wastnidge, Kate Webb


Apologies: Christopher Rooker-Brown


1 The meeting opened with prayers and songs – children went to watch a video



Vestry Meeting –10.43am










Election of Church Wardens


There have been 2 nominations:

Martin Ripley proposed by Paula McCartney seconded by Amanda Markham.

William Rolls proposed by Martin Ripley seconded by John Parkin.

Carried unanimously.


David Hurst has served 3 years as church warden and is stepping down this year. Thanks were given to David for all his hard work over the last 3 years as warden after stepping in for what was originally a temporary period.





Electoral Roll


Catherine reported there are currently 79 members on the electoral role of whom 56 members in the Parish and 28 outside.


The vestry meeting closed at 10.44 am






Annual Parochial Church Meeting – 10.47 am







After welcoming everyone, the Rev. David Gough opened the meeting with a reading from Romans 8 v 27-39.



Apologies received from Chris Rooker-Brown.


Notification of AOB

There were no notifications of any other business.





Minutes of Meeting Held on 26th April 2015


As a point of accuracy, Point 7 to be amended from Paul to Paula.


Subject to the amendment above, the minutes were proposed as a true record by Paula McCartney, seconded by Lizzie Rolls, carried unanimously.





Matters Arising


There were no matters arising.

















































Church Wardens Report


Received in AGM pack.


Thanks to Will Rolls and David Hurst from Dave Gough (DG) for all their work and support during 2015 as wardens.


Thanks to John Parkin, James Varns and others for all the work they have done in the background towards the maintenance of the church and hall.


David Hurst had nothing further to add. DG said prayers for David and said that over the last three years David had done a fabulous job and released the Vicar to carry out other work.  DG thanked David for all his work over the last three years which was much appreciated by the whole congregation.


PCC Report


Received in AGM pack.


Thanks to PCC from DG for all the work they have done over the past year and the support they have given to DG.



PCC Treasurer Report on Church Finances


Accounts as agreed at the last PCC meeting.


Thanks to Ashley Lidster from DG for all his work.





Ashley Lidster gave a summary of the accounts, noting:

·                     referred to page 15 which showed a loss of £14,598.54 for 2015. This loss was anticipated due to Oliver Taylor’s role as the Children’s worker.

·                     Some shares had been cashed in to offset the loss.

·                     Page 17 – Income from the church hall of £13, 347.68.

·                     It is hoped to break even in 2016.


DG asked the congregation to consider giving by Direct Debit and reminded to update gift aid form.


Appointment of Independent Examiner


June Fox had carried this out over the last two years and DG proposed that she be re-elected. Carried unanimously.





Charitable Giving


A vote took place to nominate the three charities for this year. The results were


·                     AIM – Hannah Coggins

·                     CAP – Christians Against Poverty

·                     Sheffield RNIB

















Election of PCC Members


There are 4 available places on the PCC this year as Jean Dowd, Pat Roper and Paula McCartney have come to the end of their 3 year terms and have stood down and Grace Hustler left for University in September 2015 and there is one year left of her term.


There has been 1 nomination for PCC places this year so no election was needed.

Cheryl Gaughan was nominated by Ann Allen and seconded by David Hurst.


Side People


Sylvia Ludlum is stepping down.   The side people therefore will now be:

Ann Allen, Catherine Rooker-Brown, John Parkin, Sheila & Gordon Shephard, Jean Gray, Sylvia Ludlum, Joan Levett, Jane O’Callaghan, Amanda Markham, Rosie Osbourne, David Hurst and Ruth Wasnidge. Agreed unanimously.


David Hurst will also be added to the prayer rota.







Appointment of Hall Committee


It was agreed that the hall committee would continue and include Jean Dowd, Jean Robinson, John Parkin, Paul McCartney and David Hurst – all agreed.






Vicars Report

The congregation were referred to the report and the following points highlighted:

·                     Seen a growth in people’s faith over the last year.

·                     Sorry to see Oliver and Jo Taylor leave.

·                     Christmas Tree Festival and activities in December generally had been a great success with the church looking better than ever.

·                     Lots of opportunity for mission into our community.

·                     We will be having a Christmas tree festival again this year.

·                     Challenging year financially.

·                     DG explained forthcoming changes within the Deanery following a reduction in the number of clergy. This will mean changes in the way ministry functions across the Deanery and DG asked for the congregation’s prayers and he will keep everyone informed as changes progress.

·                     DG has been appointed Assistant Area Dean from May when the current Area Dean retires will become acting Area Dean until an appointment is made.


There were no questions.





Blue Skies


We are thankful for:

·                     Friendship

·                     Additions to church gardening team

·                     Messy Church and Drop In

·                     Family

·                     Friendship group

·                     Support

·                     Our children at St James

·                     Ministry in Woodhouse


10 Date of Next Meetings

PCC – Monday 9th May 2015


12 Closing Prayer

The meeting closed with prayers at 11.53 am