Christianity Explored & CY Course

Christianity Explored – One Life, What’s it all about?

Christianity is pretty simple. It’s all about one life, the life of Jesus, and it can be summed up in five pictures.

  1. Who is Jesus?
  2. Why did Jesus come? To be rejected.
  3. Why did Jesus come? To be killed.
  4. Why did Jesus come? To rise again.
  5. What does it mean for us?

The Christianity Explored course gives you time and space to think through who Jesus is and why it matters. A huge variety of people, with different experiences and backgrounds, and different views and beliefs, come on the Christianity Explored course. The CY course is for younger teenagers and covers much of the same topics in terms that young adults will relate to.

Each week on the course, you watch a DVD and a discussion will take place around what you have seen and you will be given a booklet to take away and complete each week to help with your further understanding of what you have learnt that week.

There is no pressure at the end of the course to make any kind of decision about Jesus or your life but the course aims to help you understand more about what Christianity is and what it may mean to you in your life.

Courses run regularly at St James and are usually held around a meal together in groups of 5 – 10 people. If you want to know more about the Christanity Explored course then check out the website to see short video’s and testimonies from people who have been on the course by clicking this linkThe next course will be running at St James in January 2017 both for adults and children. If you would be interested in attended then call the Church Office or June Fox – details can be found on the ‘Contact Details’ page.


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