Items for Prayer w/c 16th October 2016

World – Continue to pray for those who have lost ones and for those who have lost homes in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew. Pray for rescuers and emergency services as they struggle to reach particularly remote parts of the country. Pray for the country of Thailand after the death of their king this week and for all those who are mourning his loss. Continue to pray for those places in our world where there is unrest, war and troubles. Pray particularly for Syria and particularly civilians who find themselves targets in military strikes. As the campaign has taken another unsavoury turn this week continue to pray for the American people who have a difficult decision ahead of them in the upcoming presidential elections.

UK – As Nicola Sturgeon announces plans for a second Scottish referendum this week pray for unity in our country. Pray particularly for all races and creeds in our country as Brexit fears and xenophobia are heightened at the moment. Pray for those in front line services such as the police, ambulance services and fire and rescue in our country. Pray for them as they place themselves in danger to protect our communities. Pray for all those in education as further reforms are considered and the impact this will have on children’s lives and self-esteem as well as greater parent choice.

Church and Community – Continue to prayer for the vacancy-in-see committee as they work with the Archbishops’ and Prime Minister’s Secretaries for Appointments in our Diocese as they look to discern who the next bishop of Sheffield might be. Pray for our parish and the wider deanery as discussions continue surrounding mission partnerships and for discernment and understanding as to where we can come together for the benefit of God’s kingdom. Pray for our Messy Church and all those who attend and for Tara and the team as they minister to families in our community. Pray particularly for Tara as she continues to follow God’s call in her life to work with children and as she attends the Diocesan Aurora for children’s ministry. Pray for Lily and Caleb as they come to St James this week for their baptisms and for James, Lynne, Amy, Seth and their family and friends. As Lily and Caleb begin their journey of faith pray that God will bless and nurture them in their hearts as they grow.

Sick and Bereaved – Pray for all those known to us who are unwell at this time, particularly Sylvia, Pat, Jean G, Jean D, Doreen, Rosie, Jane O, Mavis and James. Pray for all those who have been bereaved this week, particularly the family and friends of William Pridmore, that they will know God’s love and tenderness at this difficult time.