Items for Prayer w/c 18th December 2016

World – Continue to remember in your prayers the Middle East region and in particular Syria and as civilians are evacuated from Aleppo pray for all those who are caught up in fighting and are fleeing conflict. Continue to pray for all those places in our world where there is unrest, war and troubles. Pray for all those who are making decisions about the lives of these refugees as they flee conflict in their own countries and pray for compassion in these difficult situations. Pray for Gambia after elections to the Presidency. As the incumbent disputes the result and the president-elect is expected to declare himself president pray that the peoples will is upheld and the right person leads this African country.

UK – As talks over the train dispute have ended with no deal pray for both sides in the negotiations that a resolution can be found quickly for commuters and staff alike. After the Scottish budget announcement this week pray that money will be used well to benefit local communities and those who need investment the most. As talks over Brexit continue pray for ministers on all sides of the debate to allow this to be a smooth process for Britain. As the high court case goes to appeal about how Article 50 should be triggered pray that the right conclusion is found which is in the best national interest for our country.

Church and Community – As our children perform their nativity this morning thank God for the joy they bring and pray they will continue to grow in their own faith in God. Give praise for the dedication and gifts of Tara, Verity, Suzanna and Lizzie as they have led them this year and for them and Esther as she begins to lead Sunbeams in the New Year. Pray for all those who come to services here at St James today and over the Christmas period that each person that will be touched by God’s Spirit as we explore the birth of Jesus once again. Pray for pupils and staff at our local schools as they break up for the Christmas period. Pray for rest and recuperation and for good times with family and friends.

Sick and Bereaved – Pray for all those known to us who are unwell at this time, particularly David, Rebecca, Paul, Sylvia, Jean G, Jean D, Doreen, Rosie, Jane O and Mavis. Pray for all those who have been bereaved this week, particularly the family and friends of Ernest Mottershaw and Doreen Bramwell that they will know God’s love and tenderness at this difficult time.