Items for Prayer w/c 29th January 2017

World – Continue to pray for events in America after various Executive Orders aimed at refugees and migrants to the country. Pray for those who are caught up in the practical working outs of those policies and for the worry and anxiousness it will cause. Pray for Syria and the whole of the Middle East amidst continued fighting and war. Amidst allegations of hacking and spying pray for relations between the US and Russia and remember in your prayers the people of Ukraine as fighting and unrest continues, particularly in the disputed Crimea annex. Continue to pray for the Gambia as the government goes through turbulent times and disputes over elections.

UK – Prayer for the government as a white paper is produced to set out the plans for our exit from the EU and for ministers as they head towards a formal triggering of article 50 and the beginning of negotiations for Brexit. Pray that the best interests of all will prevail in this difficult situation. Continue to pray for the NHS and all those who work in the health professions. Pray for government strategies to be in the best interests of patients and political posturing will not get in the way of providing the very best care for all. As police in London step up investigations into a series of attacks on young woman pray for the victims families and friends and for the communities where these attacks are taking place.

Church and Community – As our children’s workers and those who work with vulnerable adults come together this week for our safeguarding training, pray for each of us that we will understand our responsibilities to all God’s children who come to St James. Pray for Dave as Area Dean as he leads clergy in this deanery and for wisdom and pastoral care as they discuss new ways of spreading God’s word in these different and often struggling communities. As we come together with our Christian brothers and sisters in Woodhouse this week pray for our ecumenical partners at Trinity Methodists, the Salvation Army and Southern Light church.

Sick and Bereaved – Pray for all those known to us who are unwell at this time, particularly David, Rebecca and Bobby, Paul, Sylvia, Jean G, Jean D, Doreen and Mavis. Pray for all those who have been bereaved this week, particularly the family and friends of Constance Bolton, that they will know God’s love and tenderness at this difficult time.