Items for Prayer w/c 2nd October 2016

World – Continue to pray for those places in our world where there is unrest, war and troubles. Pray particularly for Syria after the fragile cease fire appears to be over and Russian backed bombing raids in the rebel held Aleppo continue to hit military and civilian targets alike. Hold the Ukraine and various trouble spots in Africa, in your prayers for peace and reconciliation. After the first debate this week between the two candidates continue to pray for the US presidential elections and for sensible debate and rhetoric from both camps as campaigning continues. Pray for the American people who have a difficult decision ahead of them. After one of the most fiercest storms struck the state of South Australia this week pray for all those affected after lightning strikes left the whole state without power and key facilities were destroyed. Remember in your prayers those who have lost loved ones or were injured in the New Jersey rail crash and for safety to be improved after the accident.

UK – As the Labour party continue to work through reconciliation on all sides after Jeremy Corbin’s re-election to be the party leader pray for him as he begins to reunite the party and provides a strong opposition in parliament. After losing a high court case this week pray for junior doctors as new contracts begin to come into force across the NHS this week. Pray for continued talks and negotiations after the imposition of these contracts by the government. Pray for all those in education as further reforms are considered and the impact this will have on children’s lives and self-esteem as well as greater parent choice.

Church and Community – Continue to prayer for the vacancy-in-see committee as they work with the Archbishops’ and Prime Minister’s Secretaries for Appointments in our Diocese as they look to discern who the next bishop of Sheffield might be. Pray for the Archer Project and all those who volunteer at the Cathedral for this crucial service to our city. As we celebrate our harvest thank God for all those things we take for granted in our lives, such as food, a warm safe house and family and friends around us.  As Dave is licensed as Area Dean on Tuesday pray for him as he works through how this role will impact on our parish, the wider deanery and diocese. Pray for our parish and the wider deanery as discussions continue surrounding mission partnerships and for discernment and understanding as to where we can come together for the benefit of God’s kingdom.

Sick and Bereaved – Pray for all those known to us who are unwell at this time, particularly Doreen, Rosie, Jane O, Mavis, Jean G and James. Pray for all those who have been bereaved this week, particularly the family and friends of Charles Ledger, that they will know God’s love and tenderness at this difficult time.