Items for Prayer w/c 30th October 2016

World –Continue to pray for those places in our world where there is unrest, war and troubles. Pray particularly for Syria and particularly civilians who find themselves targets in military strikes. As Americans go to vote for their new president in the next two weeks pray that the right person will be elected. As tensions with Russia remain in the international community pray for peace and a rebuilding of relationships. Pray for all those involved with the fight against IS and for a change of heart and God’s peace to come. Pray particularly for those civilians caught up in fighting and for children and families as they flee conflict. After the Calais ‘Jungle’ has been torn down this week, pray for those who were resident there and particularly for unaccompanied children who now have to find somewhere else to sleep. Pray for all those who are making decisions about the lives of these refugees as they flee conflict in their own countries and pray for compassion in these difficult situations.

UK – After new details emerged this week about doctors feeling demoralised in their jobs, pray for the profession and for patient care to be of the highest quality. Pray for our system of justice, for frontline services through to judges, juries and the court system that there will be fairness in our society. As this year’s poppy appeal is launched pray for veterans who will benefit from the proceeds and for the Royal Legion in the work that they do in our country and beyond. As growth figures for the UK economy show encouraging signs continue to pray for those in our society who are looking for work, who are on low incomes and who are living below the poverty line. Pray particularly for children and families in these continuing times of austerity.

Church and Community – Continue to prayer for the vacancy-in-see committee as they work with the Archbishops’ and Prime Minister’s Secretaries for Appointments in our Diocese as they look to discern who the next bishop of Sheffield might be. Thank God for a good week at holiday club, at the light party and at café church and pray for all those who attended have taken something of God’s love away with them. Pray for Dave and Verity as they take a break this week and for Tara as she prepares to lead the All-Age service next week.

Sick and Bereaved – Pray for all those known to us who are unwell at this time, particularly Sylvia and Bill, Jean G, Jean D, Doreen, Rosie, Jane O and Mavis. Pray for all those who have been bereaved this week that they will know God’s love and tenderness at this difficult time.