Notices 13th March 2016

Sunday 13th March

10.30am Holy Communion – Reading: Acts 8:4-13

12.30pm Holy Baptism – St James welcomes the family and friends of Maisie-Leigh Bottoms

4.30pm Tea Party and Buskers in the Church Hall – See Jean Dowd for more information or sign up at the back of church

Monday 14th March

9.00am Morning Prayer

10.00am Drop-In at St James for a drink and a chat – all welcome

Tuesday 15th March

10.30pm TOT’ & Tea – For all parents with babies & pre-school children under 5 years old

6.30pm 92Teens Social – ‘Lazerzone’: Meet at Halfway tram stop to travel into town together, returning for pick up at 9.00pm – £5 cost + £1.40 for the tram, please speak to Dave or Jamie for further details, consent forms or if you require a lift

Wednesday 16th March

9.00am Praise and Prayer in the church office

9.30am Woodhouse West Easter service in church

Sunday 20th March – Palm Sunday

10.30am Holy Communion – Reading: Luke 19:28-40