Our Values


As the PCC works towards a Mission Action Plan for St James over the coming years we have started to think around five values we believe God is showing us we need to work towards.  These are;

  1. We are family orientated – We want St James to become a church where the whole family can come together to worship God, to feel welcome and where they feel they can grow together in faith and love in our Lord.
  2. Bible Based and Prayerful – We want to be a church that is built on gospel truths and is fully immersed in the word of God in everything we do and as we move forward each step is covered with prayer and God’s guidance.
  3. Every person is welcomed – We want St James to be a safe haven and welcoming church to everyone who we meet both inside and outside of church.  We want people to feel the love Jesus has for them through the welcome they receive from the people of St James.
  4. Open and honest – We want people to know the truth and the Good News about Jesus Christ our Saviour and friend and we want to be fully open and honest with each person that we encounter that is what we want each of them to know for themselves in their own hearts.
  5. Led by the Holy Spirit – We want to be a church that listens to God’s guidance through the Holy Spirit and be a place that allows God’s Spirit to fully work in the lives of each person who worships with us.

We continue to pray for God to guide us and lead us at this exciting time of growth in our church and in our Diocese.


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