Vicar of St James



St.James is currently in a stage of Interregnum. This means at present the Church is run by the Wardens, Lay people and the Youth Worker.

For more information keep an eye out!



2 Responses to Vicar of St James

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  2. Jan McAlindon says:

    I would like to find out what happened to 2 candle holders (Black Iron, about 4′ tall decorative) that were dedicated for the altar at St James Mission Church in memorial of my Grandparents Joseph and Ida Anthony, would have been around 1977/78.

    My Grandparents Joseph and Ida (Nee Maybury) Anthony were married at the main St James church and as were my parents John and Maureen (Nee Anthony) Silkstone (1948) and myself Janet McAlindon(Nee Silkstone) and Daniel McAlindon(17th March, 1979) The day we got married it snowed and I was about 3 hours late for the service, but My husband still waited for me (He is Scottish so was wearing his full kilt regalia) and we are celebrating 37 years of marriage in march next year.

    If you can help me trace what happened to these items please let me know.

    I am now living in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, but hanker for the good old days of the Musty old church , weezy organ and the above heaters that kept your head roasted but your feet still freezing!! every Sunday night and a cup of tea afterwards., served with the huge brown teapots.

    Look forward to hearing from you


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